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                                                  WHY BUY FROM DSM



To Put It Simply, Its Our Customer Service And The Knowledge Of Land Rovers That We Have. 

We Independently Stock One Of The Largest Collections Of Land Rovers In The South West. This Gives Us The Advantage Of Living With And Understanding Them A Little More Than Most Other Car Dealers Who Only Sell One Or Two Of Them A Year.

Of Course You Can Purchase One From A Online Auction Site However, Some Vehicles Being Sold There Have Or Have Had Problems In The Past And The Sellers Just Want To Pass The Problem Onto Someone Else.

Whereas Customer Care Is Of Great Importance To Us. We Will Give You The Confidence That When You Buy From Us You Will Feel You Have Made The Right Choice. If Any Problems Were To Arise With Any Of Our Land Rovers We Will Repair Them And Get Them Back On The Road As Soon As Possible.

All Of Our Land Rovers Come With A Extensive Warranty Which Are Self Funded, Which Mean's We Do Not Palm You Off To A Third Party Warranty Company That Will Promise You They Will Fix Any Problem That Occurs But If The Worst Should Happen And You Needed To Make A Claim They Will Bring Out The Small Print Telling You That There Is A Limit Of About £500 On A Warranty, Which In Real Terms Won't Even Cover The Cost Of A Replacement Air Suspension Pump Let Alone If A Engine Fault Was To Occur.

Where As Our Own Warranties Don't Have A Limit, We Cover Everything From Air Suspension Pump's Right Through To Any Engine Problems, For Example We Have Spent Over £9000 On A Engine Rebuild For One Customer Alone, So You Can Rest Assured That If You Buy A Vehicle From Us And A Problem Was To Occur While Your Vehicle Is Under Warranty We Will Spare No Expense On Rectifying The Problem.

When Your Warranty Expires, Unlike Some Other Car Dealers Who Do Not Want To Know (As Far As They Are Concerned Its Your Problem) We Are Not That Way Inclined. If You Purchase Your Land Rover From DSM We will Help Out The Entire Time You Own The Vehicle. If You Need Parts Or Diagnostics We Are Happy To Help. Or If You Just Need Advice On Which Land Rover Is Best For You Pop In To See Us And We Can Discuss Your Requirements.

Making Sure You Buy A Land Rover From The Right People With Extensive Knowledge And Experience Can Make All The Difference. Sometimes Even The Smallest Of Problems Can Cost A Fortune If You Use Main Agents. For Instance, On Some Newer Land Rovers Even Changing The Battery Involves Computer Diagnostics.

All Of Our Knowledge Is Free To Our Customers For As Long As It Is Needed.

So, Before You Purchase A Land Rover From An Online Auction Site And Try To Save Yourself A Few Hundred Pounds, Just Be Aware That The Money You Saved In The Short Term May Cost You A Fortune In The Future. 

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