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This Is A True Story

What Follows Is A True Story Which We Hear Frequently At DSM, It's Monday 21st January 2019 When We Received A Telephone Call Asking If We Could Help A Person Whom Had A Problem With Their Discovery 3 (Their In Car Heating Is Not Working), So We Booked Them In To Come See Us 10am The Following Morning,

When He Arrived Our Mechanic Starts Diagnostics On The Vehicle And I Sit In The Drivers Seat Of The Vehicle When The Guy Starts Telling Me His Story.

It Turns Out That In September 2018 He Had Come To Us To View Our Stock In Ashcott And Look At One Of Our Discovery's Which We Had For Sale At £7000 But He Decided To Save Himself Some Money And Buy One Cheaper Elsewhere Which He Did Paying Only £4000 For His Discovery, BARGAIN Or So He Thought At The Time, But Unfortunately He Now Knows Better. Please Believe Us When We Say You Can Not Buy A Quality Discovery 3 For £4000, Which We Do Tell People All The Time And All About The Consequences Of What Happens If You Do.

Now Back To The Story At Hand And What The Gentleman Told Me Has Happen Since He Purchased The Vehicle In October 2018 About 3 Months Before Coming To See Us For Assistance. He Has Already Had To Fit A New Clutch, Gearbox And Needed Work On His Transfer Box Along With Replacing His Air Suspension Pump And All Within A 3 Month Period And Costing Around £3500, We Are Unsure As To Who Carried Out This Work Before He Came To See Us But All Of These Issue's Would Have Been Covered By Our Warranty.

Now Back To The Internal Heating Problem, He Is Hoping Its A Blockage In The Heating System And Has Booked The Vehicle In With Us For Some Tests To Fully Diagnose The Problem, However Our Experience Tells Us That This Could Also Be A Head Gasket Problem As The Symptoms Are Very Similar And Its Very Rare To Simply Get A Blocked Heater Matrix In A Discovery 3, Either Way With The Time Involved And Any Parts Needed (If It Turns Out To Be The Head Gasket) It Could Easily Cost Another £1800 To Rectify The Problem And If It Turns Out To Be The Head Gasket (Which It Has Happened To Us Before And Was Covered By Us Under Warranty) Its One Of Those Jobs Where Its Quicker And Easier To Remove The Whole Body From The Chassis, There Are Not Many Jobs That Require This But It Is Necessary To Keep Repair Costs To A Minimum.

So In Summary The Total Costs To Date Would Be £4000 Purchase Price And Including VAT £5660 On Repairs Give Him A Total Bill Of £9660 In About 4 Months, How Is That A Bargain.

We May Have Seemed Expensive To Him At The Time He Was Looking For A Discovery But Now You Can See Why You Should Buy From A Specialist Who Works On Land Rovers Daily And Supply's Each Vehicle With A Comprehensive Self-Funded Warranty As Third Party Warranty Companies Often Refuse To Pay Some Claims. As We Are Writing This On January 23rd Our Mechanic Has A Discovery 3 Engine Stripped Down Replacing A Cambelt, Completing A Service And Replacing A Air Suspension Pump All Included In The Price Of A Discovery We Have Just Sold And Already This Month We Have Replaced Two Turbo Chargers On Our Retail Vehicle's Before They Are Collected By There New Owners, Where As The Gentleman Foretold In This Story Bought His Discovery As Is With All Its Problems.

You Have Worked Hard For Your Money So When Purchasing A Vehicle Beware Of The Pitfall's Of Buying Cheap From A Seller Who Just Wants Rid Of A Vehicle And All Its Problems By Making Sure You Purchase A Good One With An All Important Warranty Direct From A Dealer That Will Pay Out.

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